Hello friends of astrology, I'm working on the fact that more and more texts in English are appearing here bit by bit. Please be patient, I am working on it. My English will be more of a simple English( some things I have to translate with deepl), but I think you don't expect high literature, but information that can be useful to you.
Best regards, Ral

        Mars Sun between 9 and 14 April 2019

We currently have the constellation Mars-Sun or Sun-Mars, depending on which side you look from, and the constellation is sometimes not just fun ...

With the constellation Mars Sun, "gladly" injuries take place. One is struck at the heart or hits at the heart. Martian-emphasized people are now rather the "perpetrators", sun- or Neptune-emphasized rather the "victims".

This does not have to be physical, also psychologically it hurts, if one is hit or attacked in the heart. If the fast moon still mixes itself somehow in between, it hits even more.

However, it is shown again and again that people who, for example, have Sun Neptune in their birth chart, feel more frequently attacked or hit in such days, because in their constellation Sun Netpun "invisibly" Mars, the violator, is hidden.

But now is also the time to take a special look at the places where one was hit, to work with the old wounds lying there ...

Addendum from a dialogue on one of my Youtube videos:
From my personal state of knowledge I locate the soul, the higher self, in the fourth quadrant, while MOND/Cancer is a tiny small aspect of our big soul. With the cancer/moon the individual begins to feel separated from a whole, it is the starting point of our individuality, thus also of our EGOS, as the sum of all individual identifications of "This is me" and "This is not me".

Our individuality, our ego, sits on our great divine soul like a small colorful shimmering spot on a huge soap bubble, which floats through a sea of energy and in this, when it (the big soap bubble) dissolves sometime, becomes again completely one with the huge whole.

In my individual experience and insight Mars Moon is the memory of our human wound, the cutting of the umbilical cord, the cutting of the cord from our mother - this human wound is the indiviudalized image of our larger wound of separation from God.

The pain of this mother-child connection into a single path as an individual being (starting from cancer towards lion and virgin) has never been clarified in the vast majority of people, the wound has never been healed (in my opinion) and is often touched and felt when the constellation Mars-Moon prevails and especially in all people who have Mars-Moon in their horoscope or have the Neptune-Moon.

The reaction to remembering the old wound in such times is usually anger or annoyance, which is both a form of defending oneself against the injury and at the same time a natural defense against the pain and grief that lies beneath it.

As unpleasant as days with such constellations can be - they are exactly the days on which one has the chance to heal the old wound, because on these days the doors open to the previously sealed rooms.

It's the same with all the dark and frightening things you saw in my video. As I said, I am still harmless in my descriptions - but I am of the opinion that we have two possibilities:

1) NOW to make eyes and ears and wait until the swamp is up to your neck or


2) Open your eyes and ears NOW and get your shovel, rubber boots, etc. NOW and acquire all the skills we need to drain the swamp and then consciously move forward.

At the same time feeling into ourselves and working there to illuminate and heal the darkness within us that we want to run away from outside.

Perhaps all this is just my perception and others have the perception that the planet, the system in which we live and the whole of human society is in a healthy state.

But I'm afraid I'm not completely alone with my perception.

However: big dark mountains become smaller when you walk towards them and many solutions (paths) are often found when you get very close to the mountains that seem so big, dark and invincible from a distance.

Closer to a problem, it is usually like this: IT ALWAYS GIVES A SOLUTION .......